Monday, 3 April 2017

Hindu wife having an affair with a Muslim man who wants to marry her enrages right wing lawyers

A mob of lawyers of Agra district court allegedly went on a rampage and overturned several private vehicles parked outside the court premises to protest against the alleged love marriage of a couple from two different religious communities.

The incident took place at around 2pm, when a Muslim man came to visit his lawyer to seek legal advice to marry his beloved, who is already married to someone else.

The man had eloped with the Hindu woman a month back and was putting up in Allahabad, after the family of the woman filed a complaint against him at Shahganj police station.

On Monday, the man came to meet his lawyer Naseem Qureshi in Agra district, after Allahabad high court rejected his plea to get married to a woman who is already married to someone else.

Source claimed that the man came to surrender in court, as he was booked on charges of abduction by the woman's family. But before he could surrender, the complainants came to know about his presence in court and they rushed along with several right-wing Hindu activists to the court.

This is common the Hindu girl's family usually labels false charges of rape and abduction against the Muslim male and later when you ask the girl the truth comes out that "she did it willingly."

The fierce mob also attacked lawyer Naseem Qureshi, who tried to save the Muslim man by hiding him in his chamber. Considering the sensitivity of the matter, ASP Anurag Vats and CO Chhatta BP Singh with over 50 policemen intervened and rescued the man and his lawyer.

Source said, "The entire incident was staged by a few mediapersons and right-wing Hindu activists who wanted to make an issue out of the marriage of two people of different religious communities."


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