Saturday, 22 August 2015

Does radhe maa represent a section of hindu girls

 Even after the release the video and pics exposing radhe maa still she has thousands of devotees
Radhe maa dances and flaunts her body tells her bhakts (men) to pick her up on their shoulders.

The recent article I came across written by a hindu girl and it didn't surprise me when I saw the author more about concerned her clothes because hindu girls love to show their skin, and it has been covered in our previous posts as well. 
She indicated it was wrong for people to comment on the type of clothes she wore knowing that she is not playing the role of an actress but a divine god woman and still spreading indecency, well flaunting and revealing their body is deeply rooted in hindu culture they dont have the concept of modest dressing, it was something that came after the muslims entered India and taught them some manners but old habits die hard.
In fact there are many who have raised this question before this is just an example. 

Modi forced to lick gulf boots and bhakts forced to praise

The modi bhaks who used to talk about gulf petro dollars coming into India and used for conversions and other activities are forced to praise him as he visits UAE.
The bhaks will support anything which he does.
Now the bakts wont say he doing ass-kissing.