Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Problem of Rape in India Hijab culture the solution

Who knew Muslim laws made thousands of years ago would prove to be good in the modern era, this is the beauty of Muslim culture.
There is widespread indecent dressing spreading among Hindu girls along with making boyfriends attracting men, drinking alcohol, going to pubs and bars etc. We should be proud that most of our Muslim sisters have rejected such things.

In one of the earlier posts we emphasized on indecent dressing among Hindu girls. Follow this link to know more -

The culture of exposing body can be fought with hijab culture . Non-Muslim girls are provoking crimes like rape unknowingly with the way they dress and their behavior in public.
The victims only blame others and they do not accept any responsibility. If they had remained decent then in 99% of the cases raped would have never happened. Hijab is the way forward.

See the top ten countries when it comes to rape

USA, so called modern country is at number 1 spot when it comes to rape.
India is at the 2nd position but the population of India is much larger than USA. Rape occurrences in USA are far more than India followed by some European or non-Muslim country.
No Muslim country like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar is in the list of top ten. In Muslim countries women dress with modesty and are under the blanket of sharia law which is what India needs.

Non-Muslim girls in India carry out indecent protests, they even carry out Slut Walk. These kind of protests are not going to solve the problem except spreading indecency. In such protests they only blame others using vulgar comments and fail to provide any kind of solution, blaming others is not going to solve the problem.
Hijab culture, decent dressing is the solution, sharia law would be even better


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